Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Christie's Popularity Soars In Latest NJ Poll

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's popularity has soared in the latest Rutgers University Eagleton Poll. In fact, the Eagleton pollsters say they've never seen anything quite like it -- a virtual lovefest in New Jersey, of all places.
It seems New Jerseyans are thrilled with their governor and very impressed with the way he handled Superstorm Sandy and its aftermath.
Here's an excerpt from a report out of the Newark Star Ledger that should make Chris Christie very happy as he and his family prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving:

New Jersey voters’ impressions of Gov. Chris Christie went through the roof after seeing how he handled Hurricane Sandy, according to a new poll released this morning.
The Rutgers-Eagleton poll found that 67 percent of registered voters now view Christie favorably — a 19 point jump from October.
"It’s unbelievable, frankly," David Redlawsk, the director of the poll, said. "I’ve never seen anything like it."
Ninety percent of New Jersey voters said Christie handled the crisis either "very well" or "somewhat well." The vast majority of respondents — 81 percent — also said they thought Christie was right to work closely and publicly with President Obama, something for which he has taken blistering criticism from conservative critics.
What’s more, 61 percent of all New Jersey adults said Christie’s performance made them more supportive of him. Even half of Democrats — 49 percent — said they view Christie favorably; last month, only 22 percent did.
And, here an added bonus: Barbara Walters has selected Christie as one of her "most fascinating" people of the year and has journeyed to New Jersey to interview him for here annual TV special.

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