Thursday, November 29, 2012

FEMA Announces NJ Emergency Federal Grants

The Federal Emergency Management Agency today announced federal grants to State of New Jersey for emergency response efforts after Hurricane Sandy.

The three grants total $31.1 million. FEMA’s share is $20.4 million which comes from the Public Assistance Program. The grants are to reimburse New Jersey for feeding and housing 8,000 utility workers, 725 survivors and 500 support personnel after the storm.

Restoring power to affected areas was one of the top priorities after Sandy. Utility workers from around the U.S. answered the call, coming by the thousands to help New Jersey get back on its feet.

The state set up two large emergency response shelters to house the utility workers, support staff and local survivors. Located in Linden and at the Monmouth Race Track, the two shelters provided mobile sleeping units, medical care, food, and water.

Public Assistance is a program administered by the State of New Jersey and funded by FEMA and the state. The program reimburses local and county governments and certain nonprofit organizations for eligible disaster-related costs including emergency protective measures, debris removal and public infrastructure repair or replacement costs.

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