Thursday, November 15, 2012

Rumors Of GOP's Death Greatly Exaggerated

The media, liberal pundits (which is most pundits) and Democrats love to write the obituary of the Republican Party.
They've been doing it for decades. Don't believe me?
Do you know how many times the obituary has been written for the GOP? Why, there's not enough black crepe to depict it.
In my lifetime alone, I can hardly count the number of times, but I'll try. 
Let's see: Truman's stunning upset win in 1948 (ouch!), LBJ's massive landslide win in 1964 (kaboom!), WATERGATE! (devastating), Carter's win in 1976, Bush's loss in 1992 . . . 
Yeah, I've heard it (and seen it) all before. 
And each and every time, the party came back. 
This is a party that didn't hold the presidency for TWENTY STRAIGHT YEARS (five consecutive terms) and still came back and elected one of the greatest presidents of the last century.
That's why they call it the Grand Old Party (with the accent on the word "grand") because it keeps coming back. 
From 1948 till now, two Democrat presidents were re-elected. During the same period, FOUR Republican presidents were re-elected. 
But, back to now --Yes, we've suffered a setback. 
But a setback is nothing more than a setup for a comeback. We'll take care of it. Bet on it! 
And, BTW: Watch out for that "second term curse."

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