Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christine Flowers: Some Women Are Really Scary!

From the insightful Philadelphia Daily News columnist Christine Flowers:
I have been receiving emails from a woman named Emma who has been complaining that I (and apparently all conservatives) hate women. 
She takes care of the obvious disconnect between her accusation and the fact that (last time I checked) I am a woman by stating that I'm self-loathing. 
This stems from the columns I've written about the fabricated war on women and my opposition to forcing employers to subsidize employees' birth control. She says conservatives hate women, sex and women-who-have-sex. 
I have to say I started out being vaguely amused by this annoying little bee buzzing through my inbox. But the more I listen to so-called scholars like Marci Hamilton saying there's absolutely no First Amendment violation in forcing private Catholic or Christian companies to provide birth control to their employees, I realize that Emma is just the tip of a scary and toxic iceberg made up of women (and the men who want to date them) who believe that the Founding Fathers actually signed the Copulation of Indigents, not the Declaration of Independence.

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