Thursday, November 15, 2012

Naked Bike Ride Was Huge Success; More News

Here is a special message from the Philly Naked Bike Ride:

This is a friendly update on all the things you (probably) care about from your loving PNBR organizers.

1) THANK YOU FOR THE BIGGEST AND BEST RIDE YET! This was by far the most successful PNBR ever, for many reasons. We had the biggest number of riders ever (2,500+!), the greatest diversity in our ridership and it was the safest and most smoothly- run ride we have ever had. Thank you so much for participating and making it happen. We know there were a couple glitches and we definitely took note. We believe it can only get better from here.
2) If you're still jazzed about this past ride and want to get in on the planning action of the next one, stay tuned for updates. You can also email at any time and we'll put you on our super secret PNBR volunteers' email list so you can be sure to get all the most important planning updates.

3) Hurray for Philly being an amazing place to be a cyclist: There are new bike shops popping up everywhere – have you seen Kater Bikes?The Philly Bike Expo ignored the weather hype and featured a rad women’s round table. Hundreds of people hopped on their 2-wheelers and raised money for research dedicated to multiple sclerosis. People like you got on your bikes and enjoyed this glorious weather we’ve been having. Speaking of having a good time on your bike….

4) CRANKSGIVING IS THIS SUNDAY AND IT IS GOING TO ROCK. A bunch of us will be there and we hope you will, too! Come find the fastest route to the finish line while picking up groceries for Philabundance.
5) An important message from Charles Carmalt, the Pedestrian and Bicycle Coordinator from the Mayor's Office of Transportation and Utilities: Please, Philly-area cyclists, for the love of God, follow traffic laws. They were designed with your safety in mind. If you don't believe us, check out the primary causes of bike accidents (#1: entering traffic mid-street):

6) The City of Philadelphia has this fabulous plan to turn part of JFK Blvd. into a buffered bike line, where the bike lane would be protected from cars by a tree-filled median (imagine the Parkway with the outermost lanes only permitting bicycles). However, they are having trouble convincing City Council to allocate money for it because so many people find cyclists annoying. The more we break traffic laws, the more people hate us; the more people hate us, the less willing they are to give money to the things we want. Remember: There are laws about us riding on certain sides of the street and going in particular directions because that's what keeps us all alive -it's based on science, not arbitrary rules. *
7) Lately the biggest complaint about cyclists has been the lack of bike lights. They're so cheap and can save your life! If you want some uber cheap ones, send an email to We still have a few PNBR lights left and we would love to help you not get rear-ended at night.
8) This is a shout-out to all our homies in motorized wheelchairs who have to ride in the bike lanes because their devices don’t work on busted-up sidewalks: It stinks that you can’t be flying free on a bike, but I’m glad that at least you have some way to get around.

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