Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Why Romney Should Tell Obama To 'Get Lost!'

Keith Koffler's White House Dossier has some great advice for Mitt Tomney. Here's an excerpt from Keith's fine column:

There are lots of nice hiking trails in Northern Virginia. I’ve been on many. With respect to President Obama’s offer to “potentially work together,” made during today’s press conference, Mitt Romney should politely tell the president to go get himself on one of them.
I’m not suggesting Romney should be vindictive or bitter. But the words said during an election campaign should have at least some small bit of meaning. And for Romney to agree at this point to work with Obama would actually denigrate the American political system. It would say that they presidential campaign, which is the heart of American democracy, essentially means nothing.
If the two sides had fought well – even acerbically – and Romney had lost, fine, make up and unite. But Obama ran the dirtiest, lowest, most malignant campaign I have seen in my lifetime.
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