Sunday, March 24, 2013

A New Hotel/Casino Complex At 8th & Market?

Here is the video from last month's presentation to the Pennsylvania Gaming Board from Market East Associates.
It details plans for an exciting new hotel/casino/entertainment complex at the legendary corner of 8th & Market in Philadelphia.
What was once a huge Gimbel's department store is now a vast parking lot -- the bulk of an entire city block virtually unused.
Now, there's an opportunity to make this strategic part of the city come alive again.
Hey, we know this area well.
We worked at 11th & Market for more than two decades. So we were there every day -- we spent the better part of our waking areas there. And despite what should have been significant advances, we watched the area fall into a kind of unfulfilled emptiness .
We've seen many plans advanced for the revitalization of Market East over the years and many good things have happened there (the Convention Center, the Marriott and Loews hotels, etc.) But something has always been missing. None of the new developments have ever really put all the pieces together to make a difference that truly transforms the entire area from City Hall to Independence Hall. 
It seems to us that this project is different. In fact, it's hard us to imagine a better use for this site or a more exciting project for this part of town -- one that has the promise to be a boon to the tourist and convention market and a real plus for surrounding businesses and the community.
The people behind this effort seem top notch. And they also seem to have a real sense of social responsibility.
So, we wanted to share this video with you. Maybe you'll be as intrigued as we are with the bold plans for Market8.

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