Friday, March 15, 2013

Sen. Kelly Ayotte: Bright, Decisive New Star

New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte (pronounced A-ott) is speaking now at CPAC.
She's the mother of two children, ages eight and five and she's worried that our increasing debt is "robbing our children of the American dream."
But she seems most worried about the "security of our nation and the threat of radical Islam." She declares that "if America fails to lead we will create a vacuum that empowers the radicals and makes America less safe."
She talks frankly and knowledgeably about the dangers of Iran getting a nuclear weapon and she fears that Iran will give this technology to a terrorist group. She slaps the Obama Administration for "leading from behind" She says we cannot simply talk tough while effectively sitting on the sidelines, doing nothing. She points to Iran, Syria, Libya and North Korea and she decries the way Obama & Co. have treated Israel.
She's dressed simply in a black dress, dark brown hair with auburn highlights, dark eyes, a turned-up nose, dimples and a slight chin cleft.
She speaks clearly, slowly, methodically.
She asks us to imagine Obama challenging our enemies and saying as Reagan once did: "Tear down this wall." She can't imagine it and neither can her audience.
She calls what happened in Benghazi "a serious national security failure" and says that Obama "does not want to come forward with the facts."
She says Republicans in Congress "wouldn't let this go and we still won't let it go."
She vows to "keep pushing to get to the bottom of this."

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