Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Christie Signs Seven Bills, Conditionally Vetoes One

Today, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie took action on the following legislation:


            S-503/A-2291 (A.R. Bucco, Norcross/Benson, A.M. Bucco) -  Requires medical oxygen providers to notify fire department whenever they stop delivering oxygen to a local residence

            S-555/A-1757 (Gill/Prieto) – Revises scope of practice of genetic counselors

            S-600/A-1365 (Beck, Ruiz/Rible, Angelini, O’Donnell, Simon) – Establishes task force to study various issues related to improving special education programs and services for public school students

            S-900/A-2399 (Vitale, Rice/Coughlin, Wisniewski, Quijano) - Requires all State firefighter training to be accredited

S-1327/A-1293 (Codey, Oroho/Jasey, Coutinho, Benson, McKeon, Diegnan) – Requires schools that participate in Statewide interscholastic sports programs to annually inform student-athletes about National Collegiate Athletic Association eligibility standards for participation in collegiate athletics

            S-1754/A-2946 (Whelan/Milam, C.A. Brown) – Changes parameters of existing exemption for certain beach bars from noise control standards

            SCS for S-1783/ACS for A-2673 (Turner, Bateman/Benson, Caride, Moriarty) - Prohibits manufacture, sale, or possession of synthetic marijuana


            SCS for S-71/ACS for A-2037 (Codey, Singer/Watson Coleman) – CONDITIONAL - Establishes "New Jersey Yellow Dot Program" in MVC

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