Sunday, March 17, 2013

Liberals' Curious Obsession With The GOP

Liberals seem obsessed with the state of the GOP. 
These days, it's all they want to talk about.
Maybe it's because of the thinness of the Democrat bench in contrast the veritable galaxy of upcoming Republican stars -- all successful officeholders. 
Or maybe it's the solid GOP majorities in the House, Governors' mansions and state legislatures. 
Or maybe it's the fact that Obama (who barely achieved 51% of the vote) is the first president in modern times to win re-election with fewer votes than the first time around. 
Well, many liberals do seem neurotic by nature and they do indeed have plenty to worry about. 
If my starting lineup consisted of two beat up old warhorses I'd worry too. And I'd be spending my time trying to addressing the deficiencies in my own party instead of analyzing the other party.
In any event, Republicans are smart enough to know not to accept the analysis of or take advice from those who wish to destroy them.

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