Friday, March 15, 2013

Bobby Jindal Uses Humor To Needle Libs

Bobby Jindal is speaking at CPAC now and he's peppering his remarks with lots of jokes and one liners:

"I ran into Joe Biden on the way here today but I'm not sure he recognized me. He asked me to go get him a Big Gulp."

"I actually feel good about welcoming Elizabeth Warren, the new Senator from Massachusetts. It's great to have another Indian in public office."

"President Obama and I have a lot in common. In fact, we had the same campaign slogan until UPS told us we had to stop using it: What can brown do for you?"

"I'm looking forward to this second term by Obama because it will be refreshing to hear him stop blaming America's problems on the last four years."

"They tell me I can't run for president because they say America will never elect a skinny, dark-skinned man as president."

Getting serious, Jindal says that his answer to those who say that the GOP is too conservative is this: "We already have one liberal party in America, we don't need another liberal party."

He says that we need to rethink almost every social program in Washington and says we could probably replace half of all the federal government workers "with a handful of web sites."
He insists that we must start at zero and begin anew when we look at what the federal government does and, as for taxes he says "let's blow up the tax code."

Bobby's got a great, bright smile and lots of energy. He's not afraid to offer daring ideas and he comes across as smart, quick and remarkably well-grounded.

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