Tuesday, March 19, 2013

WSJ Says 'Nuts To Nutter' And His Philly Mag Tirade

James Taranto has a wonderful piece in the Wall Street Journal proclaiming "Nuts to Nutter" (Philly Mayor Michael Nutter) who has demand that the city's Human Rights Commission to consider rebuking Philadelphia Magazine for a cover style entitles Being White In Philly. Taranto sums up our sentiments precisely.
Here's an excerpt from Taranto's insightful essay:
At the heart of the left-liberal ideology that dominates American debate about race is a glaring contradiction. In theory, white attitudes toward blacks are all-important, in that any difficulties blacks experience are said to be the result of white racism. But as we have seen with Mayor Nutter's reaction to Huber's article, there is no interest in pondering actual white attitudes toward race, and every interest in suppressing--or stereotyping--them.
You can see why. Democratic politicians like Nutter, black and white, exploit blacks' fears to win their votes. Whites deal with racial tension through various strategies of avoidance, from moving to the suburbs to loudly accusing other whites of racism. (These days "white guilt" is almost always directed outward.) It's just easier than getting involved in any sort of constructive way.
Amid all this, Robert Huber and Philadelphia magazine have shone a bright light of truth. Sometimes when free expression is under attack, one must defend it on principle, even while deploring the use to which it has been put. This is not such an occasion. Huber's work is fully worthy of the high ideal of freedom of the press.
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