Friday, May 24, 2013

Best Damned Hamburger We've Ever Had!

We are hamburger enthusiasts.
Given our druthers, we'd eat burgers several times a week. And we love them with fries. Who doesn't?
But we know we can't eat burgers that often or anywhere near that often. No can do.
So we limit ourselves to maybe once a month or (if we just can't wait any longer) every few weeks.
We've eaten burgers everywhere from Five Guys to Bobby's Burger Palace to the Palm. And they each have their own appeal.
But now we've come across a burger that's truly exceptional.
It's at Zinburger.
Here's the way Zinburger describes itself: Energetic, modern, upbeat, fun and most importantly, simply delicious, Zinburger offers a mouthwatering selection of gourmet burgers, salads and sides, decadent shakes and desserts, and a carefully crafted selection of wine.
OK. Enough of that.
It all comes down to the burger. And the burger is extraordinary: meaty, juicy, tasty and cooked to perfection, just as you want it. You can even ask for a well-down burger here (if that's your style) and you will get it and it won't be dry or shrunken. It will still be full, juicy and mouth-watering. Yet it won't be pink. That's quite an accomplishment.
There are many different kinds of burger at Zinburger but the real test is the basic burger. And the basic offering is nothing less than divine.
The place is sleek and upbeat inside with a full bar and ample wine elections. There are happy hour special every day and wine specials every Wednesday. We went to the new Zinburger in Cherry Hill (NJ) at Garden State Park and found it to be bright and inviting with a hip, youthful feel - huge windows, natural wood, chrome, splashes of white, exposed ceilings, industrial light fixtures, etc.
The prices were reasonable (burgers from $9 - $14) considering the high quality and the service was great. Plus, they also specialize in shakes.
We recommend Zinburger!

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