Wednesday, May 29, 2013

They Say They Love 'Moderate' GOP Candidates Until . . . .

We find it amusing that liberals (many of whom seem to hide behind the "moderate" label) profess to be soooo concerned about the GOP . . . until election day. 
Let's start with Bob Dole -- a man who many liberals are now praising since he criticized the GOP as too right-wing over the weekend.
In 1996 many of these same people told us they were encouraged that the GOP nominated Dole and Kemp because they were not hard-core conservatives and they were able to work across party lines. But did they vote for them? No. 
Again in 2008 they praised the selection of the "straight talker" John McCain, saying they admired the way he was willing to take on his own party. But, when push came to shove, did they vote for him? No again. 
And only last year many of our Democrat friends told us that Romney would be the only GOP candidate who could attract centrist votes -- someone who they might actually be able to vote for. Did they vote for him? We think you know the answer. 
All we can say is I'm glad I never climbed into a foxhole with any of these people.

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