Thursday, May 16, 2013

Famed Philly Eatery To Close, Be 'Reimagined' In Fall

It's truly legendary -- an oasis of elegance, fine dining and civility in a crass and common world.

It's been hailed as one of America's meccas of fine cuisine and has attracted diners from all over the world. For decades it's name has been synonymous with the highest culinary standards.

But now, the iconic Philadelphia restaurant Le Bec Fin will close its doors this Summer. 

Under a plan announced today, the main dining room space will be reimagined under the visionary direction of one of America’s rising award-winning Chefs, Justin Bogle. Renowned local Chef Chris Scarduzio will be on hand to assist Bogle with his new endeavor as Director of Operations.

"After being given the opportunity to retire one of the city's most celebrated restaurants and manage the development of a new concept, I knew that Justin Bogle was 'the man' to take on this historic transformation,” said Scarduzio. “I'm excited to help lead this process, and what we have planned for this restaurant under Justin's culinary artistry will make it America's next great restaurant, and a must-visit destination in Philadelphia."

If there is anyone on the food scene who has the pedigree to take over this iconic space, it’s one of the youngest Two Michelin Star award-winning chefs in American history, Justin Bogle. Bogle’s roots in the hospitality industry began in Philadelphia working in the kitchen with the likes of Jose Garces, Douglas Rodriguez, and Christopher Lee. In 2009, he became Executive Chef at Gilt restaurant in NYC, where he gained national recognition as one of the country’s finest culinary artists. This marks Bogle’s first return to his Philadelphia pedigree.

"Philadelphia has always been ‘home’ to me,” said Bogle, who is currently developing the restaurant concept. “It's where I got my start cooking with the incredible Chefs who helped put the city on the map as a world class restaurant destination. To be able to return to Philadelphia with all that I've learned while working in New York City is a dream come true. I am excited to bring my cuisine back to Philadelphia to contribute to the amazing culinary community."

Bogle plans to reimagine the 1523 Walnut Street location with a Progressive American menu concept that highlights his achievements, inspiration from seasonal ingredients, and collaboration with local farmers and foragers. The main dining room will showcase Bogle’s resourceful technique with a variety of pre fixe options. The downstairs lounge will remain open during renovations of the main dining room and will feature a more relaxed ambiance with bistro-type food and speakeasy-inspired cocktails.

This new concept is slated to launch in Fall 2013.

About Justin Bogle
Justin Bogle is one of America’s rising stars in the food and beverage world. He earned his culinary degree at the Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College in Philadelphia and learned under the tutelage of Jose Garces, Douglas Rodriguez, and Christopher Lee. He became the executive Chef of Gilt in NYC where his inventive rendition of items became his trademark style. In 2009, Bogle became one of the youngest chefs in American history to earn two Michelin stars. His cooking technique has been described as distinctive, inventive, and cutting-edge.

About Chris Scarduzio
Chris Scarduzio is a prolific Philadelphia chef & operator who started his career at the Grill Room at The Ritz Carlton. He helped lead the Walnut Street restaurant renaissance at Brasserie Perrier. Scarduzio has several award-winning restaurants in Atlantic City and Philadelphia including Mia’s at Caesars, Scarduzio’s at Showboat and Table 31 in Philadelphia. Chris is also creating an exciting new restaurant concept to be located in South Philadelphia’s Passyunk Avenue booming restaurant corridor.

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