Friday, May 24, 2013

NYT: Obama Imperils 'Fundamental Press Freedoms'

Well, it took awhile.
But now the New York Times has finally chimed in on the Justice Department's snooping on James Rosen and the Associated Press.
And what the times has to say ain't good for Obama & Co.
No, it ain't good at all.
Here's an excerpt from the Times editorial entitled Another Chilling Leak Investigation:
With the decision to label a Fox News television reporter a possible “co-conspirator” in a criminal investigation of a news leak, the Obama administration has moved beyond protecting government secrets to threatening fundamental freedoms of the press to gather news. . . . Obama administration officials often talk about the balance between protecting secrets and protecting the constitutional rights of a free press. Accusing a reporter of being a “co-conspirator,” on top of other zealous and secretive investigations, shows a heavy tilt toward secrecy and insufficient concern about a free press.
Click here to read the full editorial.

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