Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Weiner Leaps, Now Within Striking Distance, Poll Says

Weiner's getting closer and closer to his target.
You got that right: In the New York City Democratic primary for mayor, shamed former Congressman Anthony Weiner is now within five percentage points of front-runner Christina Quinn who is City Council Speaker and would be New York's first openly gay mayor. All this according to the latest Marist poll.
Weiner has jumped quickly, slashing Quinn's lead in half since he entered the race only last week.
So, since Quinn's lead is within the margin of error Weiner is now within striking distance of his goal.
And look at this turnaround: In April, only 46 percent of Democrats said they would even consider voting for Weiner. Today, 59 percent of the party’s voters say he deserves a second chance.
And check out this TV spot that even features Weiner's wife.

Weiner says he wants to make New York City the middle class capital of the world? How can you do that when you're also advocating bigger and bigger government? We still haven't figured that one out. But then again, Nooo Yawk logic has never been easy for us to understand.

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