Monday, May 27, 2013

Lupica, Legislators Say Barchi, Hermann Must Go

What the hell is the matter with Rutgers?

The university just seems to stumble from one Big Blunder to another. 

Now the new Athletic Director is embroiled in a controversy over her alleged abuse of players while she coached the University of Tennessee girls volleyball team. The reports are not good -- not good at all.

And this woman was hired on the heals of a similar scandal at Rutgers that cost the basketball coach, the previous AD and others their jobs.

But the recently-appointed Rutgers President, Robert Barchi is saying he's standing firm on the decision to hire Julie Hermann and to keep her as the AD. Apparently, Barchi now fears for his own job -- and well he should The place is beginning to look like Clown College. 

Now, sports analyst Mike Lupica and some New Jersey legislators are saying both Barch and Hermann have to go. here's an excerpt from Lupic'a column in the New York daily News:\
Robert Barchi should have been fired along with Pernetti and Rice, the basketball coach who shamed Rutgers the way he did. Now comes this fine reporting in the Newark Star-Ledger from Craig Wolff, who came to the whole thing merely wanting to write a profile of the woman being asked to clean up Rutgers athletics. Wolff contacted former players of Hermann’s, and learned about the damning letter they all signed about her 16 years ago.
If Barchi knew about that letter and hired Hermann anyway, he should be terminated for that. If Barchi didn’t know, then he should be fired for the same negligence he showed after being made aware of Rice’s behavior and doing nothing for months.
“It’s a pleasure to welcome Julie Hermann to the Rutgers community,” Barchi said May 15.
Apparently because she seems to be made for the place.
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