Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Here's Why They Hate Fox News; All In The Numbers

The latest ratings for cable news channels are our from Nielsen and once again they show Fox News (FNC) far outdistancing all other networks -- ahead of CNN, HLN and way ahead of MSNBC. More people watch Fox every day than any other all news channels. The race isn't even close.

Here are the numbers:

Total Day
FNC: 1,246,000 total viewers, up 24 percent
CNN: 465,000 total viewers
MSNBC: 346,000 total viewers
HLN: 494,000 total viewers

FNC: 1,973,000 total viewers, up 17 percent
CNN: 660,000 total viewers
MSNBC: 539,000 total viewers
HLN: 624,000 total viewer
Note that in this all-important primetime category Fox has more viewers that the three other networks combined. Quite impressive!

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