Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Why The IRS And FBI/DOJ Scandals Are Serious

As new information emerges about who the IRS and the FBI were targeting in these twin scandals it's becoming increasingly clear that the Obama administration has an enemies list and this list includes conservative groups and media outlets, among others. 
The very disturbing revelations about the spying on veteran journalist James Rosen show that the FBI went into his personal e-mails (g mail account) and phone records over a 40 day period and also gained access to phone lines of the Washington bureau of his network and numerous other lines. They even had his parents' private phone line on Staten Island. 
Tomorrow, an IRS employee will plead the 5th before Congress. If there is nothing to incriminate her (that word derives from the term CRIMINAL) then what is she hiding? Why won;t she talk? 
Before this is all over some people should (and perhaps will) go to jail. 
Let's hope the mainstream media wakes up and does its job. 
Today his e-mail, tomorrow YOURS.
Today their tax information, tomorrow YOURS.

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