Sunday, November 17, 2013

Fight Won't End Till Obamacare Is Defeated

A special message from Sharon Day:

It's a sad time in America when we can't trust our president... the man we elected and entrusted to represent our best interests.
As a mother and grandmother, this especially troubles me. I know all too well that the foundation of all relationships is honesty, trust and respect.
Through President Obama's repeated lies about Obamacare, this foundation has been fractured. The trust bond has been broken. Obama's relationship with you, the American people, has been ruined.
The sad truth is: Obama knew all along that this is how his socialized health system was designed to work.
I want you to know that the Republican Party is working hard to defeat Obamacare. We're committed to repairing the damage done by Obama. And we won't stop fighting until the job is done.

Sharon Day
Co-Chair, Republican National Committee

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