Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Blogging The GOP Debate - Part 2

Trump maintains his stand on radical Islamisists entering America. Succinctly, he says it's simply not gonna happen . . . Now it looks like Trump and Bush will tangle. Bush says this will "push the Arab/Muslim world away from us and calls Trump "a chaos candidate" and will lead us into chaos. . . . . Trump sloughs it off and says "Jeb doesn't believe this" inferring that Bush has been told to say this . . . and then Bush keeps talking about "engaging with the Arab world."  . . . Rubio says Trump's proposal "isn't going to happen" and he points out that the culprit in San Bernardino was an American citizen. Rubio says he wishes Obama hadn't spoken at all in the aftermath of the most recent massacre. . . . Hugh Hewitt throws Cruz a softball and Cruz uses it to whack away at Obama and he sort of tiptoes around Trump's proposal merely suggesting it's too broad. "It's not a war on theology, it's a war on an ideology that seeks to defeat us." . . . Fiorina looks good tonight. She says government must innovate like the private sector if it is to win this war. . . . .Christie zeros in on Clinton again. And he smacks her for saying her strategy "is just about the same as the president's." He stresses his experience as US Attorney. He says we need to "restore tools" that have been taken away by this president. Christie knows how to stay on message and remains very convincing. . . . Kasich says Saudis have organized 34 countries that want to help defeat ISIS and wonders why we aren't using them and instead participating in a climate conference in Paris. . . . Cruz defends his record on terrorism. . . . Rubio's hair is shorter tonight and makes him seem more serious, more presidential. . . . Cruz quotes Mark Levin as Cruz and Rubio begin to have a bit of a dustup . . . .  Rubio stresses "we need more tools, not less ' and he seems to get the better of the exchange. Big plus here for Rubio. . . . . Now, Paul takes aim at Rubio, teaming up with Cruz. "Marco can't have it both ways. He's the weakest of all the candidates on immigration." . . . Rubio smiles and flashes his killer grin. And Marco gives a sharp, direct answer . . . . Now Christie jumps in and outclasses both of them: "If your eyes have glazed over for the last few moments, you now know what it's like to be on the floor of the US Senate." Christie talks directly to the viewing audience and has a Big Moment!

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