Monday, December 21, 2015

New Hampshire Vets Stand With Christie

Today, sixty highly-respected military veterans including former New Hampshire VFW state commanders Paul Chevalier and Mark McCabe launched a Veterans for Christie coalition to promote Governor Christie’s strong record of support for veterans as well as his unique national security experience as a U.S. Attorney who prosecuted terrorists in the aftermath of the September 11th attacks. The veteran leadership team includes elected officials and community leaders from all ten New Hampshire counties.
Sgt. Maj. Chevalier (ret.), who served three tours of duty in Vietnam and now travels across the country to advocate for veterans causes, will join Col. Walt Havenstein (ret.), the former CEO of BAE Systems and 2014 New Hampshire Republican gubernatorial nominee as co-chairs of the national Veterans for Christie coalition.
Chevalier commented, “Governor Christie is the serious, tested leader our nation needs at a time when we face the greatest threats to our homeland since 9/11. Veterans sacrificed to defend American values and protect the homeland, and they deserve a president who is both tough and experienced to keep our country safe.”
Havenstein added, “Veterans understand first-hand the importance of having a commander-in-chief who is prepared to make difficult decisions on day one. Governor Christie demonstrated his ability to manage in a crisis when he led his state through Hurricane Sandy, the second-worst natural disaster in American history. As U.S. attorney, he was responsible for working with the FBI and intelligence community to investigate and prosecute terrorists who were attempting to conduct attacks in his state. After eight years of untested and inexperienced leadership, we need Governor Christie in the Oval Office.”
McCabe, a 20-year Navy veteran and immediate past-commander of the state VFW will serve as New Hampshire Veterans for Christie Co-Chair along with Richard Brothers, a Marine Corps veteran. Brothers served as the chair of the Veterans Affairs Committee as a member of the National Association of State Workforce Agencies and helped lead the Veterans for McCain Coalition.
“Governor Christie has a record of standing up for veterans in his state and providing them with the services they have earned through their service to our nation,” said McCabe. “Governor Christie has committed to reforming the VA by bringing in experienced hospital leaders to manage the system, and he supports allowing veterans to receive care from any medical institution so they can access quality treatment in a timely manner. After the sacrifices they have made for our country, veterans deserve a government that keeps its word. Governor Christie is the experienced executive we need to spearhead reforms for the VA and achieve results for our nation’s veterans.”
“Governor Christie brought Democrats and Republicans in his legislature together to save a veterans support hotline in New Jersey that provides critical mental health services to veterans across the country,” added Brothers. “After the federal government eliminated funding for the program, Governor Christie was able to get both parties to work together to fund the Vets4Warriors peer support hotline. Washington needs an experienced executive who cares more about serving the American people and getting results than continuing the endless partisan bickering.”
Governor Christie joined members of his national and New Hampshire veterans coalition leadership team at a Veterans Town Hall Meeting at the Pelham VFW today at 2:00pm to host a veterans town hall meeting.
Christie’s veterans coalition leadership team includes:

  • Paul Chevalier, National Co-Chairman
  • Walt Havenstein, National Co-Chairman
  • Mark McCabe (Pelham), New Hampshire Co-Chairman
  • The Honorable Richard Brothers (Sanbornton), New Hampshire Co-Chairman
  • New Hampshire House Majority Leader Dick Hinch (Merrimack), U.S. Navy
  • Representative Don LeBrun (Nashua), U.S. Marine Corps
  • Representative Jack Balcom (Merrimack), U.S. Marine Corps
  • Representative John Potucek (Derry), U.S. Air Force
  • Representative Dennis Fields (Sanbornton), U.S. Air Force
  • Representative Robert Graham (Milton), U.S. Army
  • Representative Frank Sterling (Jaffrey), U.S. Army
  • Representative John Tholl (Whitefield), U.S. Air Force
  • The Honorable Bill Zeliff (Jackson), Army Reserve
  • The Honorable Matthew Spencer (Somersworth), U.S. Coast Guard
  • The Honorable Hillary Seeger (Meredith), U.S. Air Force
  • The Honorable John Cebrowski (Bedford), U.S. Marine Corps
  • The Honorable Paul Simard (Bristol), U.S. Air Force
  • The Honorable Ken Hawkins (Bedford), U.S. Marine Corps
  • The Honorable Dennis Reed (Franklin), U.S. Army
  • The Honorable Joseph Krasucki (Nashua), U.S. Army
  • The Honorable Tony Maiola (Newport), U.S. Marines Corps
  • Jeff Chidester (Dover), Army
  • Paul Clark (Nashua), Army
  • John Gallagher (Manchester), U.S. Army
  • Jane Powers (Merrimack), U.S. Army
  • Jim Powers (Merrimack), U.S. Navy
  • Jim McConaha (Concord), U.S. Air Force
  • William Stearns (Bedford), U.S. Army
  • Gregory d’Arbonne (Hollis), U.S. Marine Corps
  • Russell Norris (Hollis), U.S. Marine Corps
  • Kent Swanson (Nashua), U.S. Army
  • Tom Eifler (Atkinson), U.S. Marine Corps
  • Stephen Mack (Bedford), U.S. Army (WWII)
  • Craig Filmann (Glen), U.S. Navy
  • Tom Knott (Amherst), U.S. Army
  • Rick Jansson (Bedford), U.S. Air Force
  • Dave Appleton (West Ossippie), U.S. Air Force
  • Paul Mondello (Londonderry), U.S. Air Force
  • Gary Schnitz (Laconia), U.S. Air Force
  • John Gaites (Thornton), U.S. Air Force
  • David Marcotte (Bethlehem), U.S. Army
  • John Moses (Clarksville), U.S. Army
  • Jim Greene (Derry), U.S. Army
  • Larry Pelland (Hudson), U.S. Air Force
  • Moe Demers (Goffstown), U.S. Army
  • Bill Curry (Amherst), U.S. Army Reserve
  • Medric Whittier (Laconia), U.S. Army
  • Richard Thompson (Londonderry), U.S. Army
  • Dennis Martin (Londonderry), U.S. Navy
  • Carl Tomanelli (Londonderry), U.S. Air Force & U.S. Army
  • John Mace (Lyndeborough), U.S. Army
  • John Vattes (Manchester), U.S. Marine Corps
  • Bernie Soucy (Manchester), U.S. Marine Corps
  • Bernard McGunnity (Moultonborough), U.S. Army
  • Louis Prince (Nashua), U.S. Army
  • Rodman Wilson (Manchester), U.S. Marines
  • Albert Cernota (Nashua), U.S. Navy
  • Donald McGarrity (Tamworth), U.S. Navy
  • Kenneth Johnson (Swanzey), U.S. Air Force & U.S. Army
  • Francois Lembree (Henniker), U.S. Army Reserves
  • David Dalrymple (Salem), U.S. Army

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