Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Blogging The GOP Debate - Part 3

Carson talks about "getting rid of all this PC stuff" and says we should actually formally declare war. . . . Carson refuses to say who was right in the tiff between Rubio and Cruz . . . . Bush once again talks in broad terms about "leadership" sounding and acting like the establishment candidate he is . . . Hey, Trump's been quite well-behaved and mostly quiet so far, interesting . . . . Fiorina scores with our inability (or unwillingness) to check the social media posts of possible or suspected terrorists. She hits hard and gets Big Applause. . . . Now, Trump: "ISIS is using the Internet better than we are using the Internet and it [the Internet] was our idea." And he says we need to use our most brilliant minds to stop ISIS from using the Internet and says he would be open to shutting down (or trying to shut down) parts of the Internet to ISIS. . . . Cruz says he would use "overwhelming air power to utter and completely eliminate ISIS." He has a good line calling Obama's strategy on ISIS "photo-op foreign policy" and he once again lambasts "political correctness." He scores with this line: "Political correctness is killing people." Cruz has a Big Moment here. . . . . Rubio says ISIS cannot just be defeated by air stikes but must be defeated on the ground with ground troops."

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