Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Blogging The GOP Debate - Part 7

Trump - Starts more low-key and [arguably] presidential but turns petty and personal, an all-too-familiar default position.
Bush - Lowers himself by trying to take on Trump and doing it in the wrong way -- mean, petty and shameful.
*Rubio - Maintains a sense of seriousness and professionalism despite attacks by Cruz. But he loses something when he gets into these extended one-on-one debates.
Cruz - Still appears overly combative, vociferous and monopolizes. The fight with Rubio is not constructive.
*Carson - Does himself no harm. Likable, as always but often can't break through the shoutfest.
*Christie - Often seems like the adult in the room. Remains focused and stays on message but with a sense of spontaneity as well.
Kasich - No big breakthroughs tonight. Still seems somewhat desperate.
Fiorina - Some goo moments but still appears overly rigid and not spontaneous enough.
Paul - Seems to have it in for Christie. He has a dark, mean streak that's just irritating now but makes you wonder what else is lurking in there.
*"Winners" so far.
And now, Christie scores with an answer about putting the safety and security of the American people first. He knocks it out of the park!
We've seen enough.
All the undercard candidates and Kasich, Fiorina, Bush and Paul need to get out of the race now. We predict Paul will probably be the first to go.
Time to weed it out, folks.
Enough, already.

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