Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Christie Gets High Marks For Debate Performance

The New York Times’ Maggie Haberman: “Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey had a standout performance.”

Hugh Hewitt: “My scoring, delivered on @NewDay w/ @ChrisCuomo and @AlisynCamerota: gold @ChrisChristie silver @JebBush bronze a tie @tedcruz @marcorubio”

Frank Luntz: “Chris Christie won big...I want you to go home understanding that Ted Cruz and Chris Christie were the winners of this debate.”
  • Frank Luntz: “So let’s do a word or phrase to describe Chris Christie?
  • VOTER 1: “He's absolutely on point. And he makes me feel safe.”
  • VOTER 3: “Highly confident, direct, to the point.”
  • VOTER 4: “I believed him.”
  • VOTER 5: “He tells it like he sees it.”
  • VOTER 6: “He's experienced.”
  • VOTER 7: “The right man for these times.”
  • Frank Luntz: “I want to stop here. So explain to me what it is about what he said and what he presented tonight, because he’s only at 3% nationwide. He’s doing well in New Hampshire. You all responded so well to him. And this is out of the ordinary. What was it?”
  • VOTER 8: “He spoke so plainly and went right to the gut of the problem, that I just appreciated it.”
  • VOTER 9: “He connects what we, the American people, are feeling with his laser focus on how to get to fix it.”
  • VOTER 10: “He looked me right in the eye and told me exactly what the problem was.”
  • VOTER 6: “He is saying exactly what we're thinking. These debates are becoming a fight, that’s not what we want to see, we want to see what the candidates think about the real issues.”
Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin: “Chris Christie B+: As in the last debate, gave a commanding yet measured performance, standing out with a unique style and emphasis. Often addressed voters directly in an us-versus-them manner. Took advantage of the three squabbling senators to tout his executive experience without confronting any particular opponent head on. Confident, assertive, carefully non-abrasive, and driving towards his goal.”
New York Post’s John Podhoretz: “Chris Christie just made the GOP race a lot more interesting”
  • “His confident bearing and fluent presentation might well have the effect of solidifying his soft support in the state and causing others to take a renewed interest in him.”
National Review’s Jim Geraghty: “Chris Christie always does well in these debates, looking directly into the camera and speaking bluntly. He began with a great opening statement, discussing the bomb threat that suddenly closed every school in Los Angeles, and how the kids in those schools will feel tomorrow morning.”
NBC News’ Benjy Sarlin: “But overall he sounded confident positioning himself as someone who had personal experience on security and his argument might fit the post-Paris, post-San Bernardino times for GOP voters.”
Politico’s Mike Allen: “Chris Christie was at his best in Vegas, capping off a great month.”
CNN’s Jeremy Diamond: “In one of his strongest moments, Christie slammed the senators on stage as "people who've never had to make a consequential decision in an executive position" and proclaimed that voters were looking for "a president who actually knows what they're doing.”
Fox News’ Liz Peek: “At fifth GOP debate "most improved" award goes to Christie, bickering backfires”
  • “The “most improved” award goes to Chris Christie, who has enjoyed a surprising bounce in the polls. He forcefully brandished his experience as a prosecutor and governor, contrasting his actual handling of real problems the nitpicking arguments typical of lawmakers at work and, as it turns out, on the debate stage. When rival Paul taunted him over the Bridgegate scandal, Christie refused to take the bait. His maturity and self-control were impressive.”
National Review’s Rich Lowry: “You know, Christie was extremely forceful. He didn't really tangle with anyone. He just got his message across on every single answer. And Sean, importantly, brought it back at every single opportunity to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.”
TIME’s Rana Foroohar: “And you know that’s what Chris Christie does really well, is point out those kinds of eye rolling moments that people are really upset about.”
  • I think Christie made the big point of the night by saying, ‘Hey nobody cares about the backstory, nobody cares about the details.’
CNN’s John Vause: “He has this great ability to look straight down the camera and talk directly to the American people, and he had a lot of those moments tonight. So it was a good debate for him.”

CNN’s Van Jones: “The other person who’s taking it seriously is Chris Christie. Chris Christie came to fight -- I really really thought when he did the thing he does often, you know, scolding people. You guys are talking in ways that are not connecting with the American people. He’s done it a bunch of times, but it was very effective tonight. Tonight when you had Rubio and Cruz going down the Senate rabbit hole.”
  • “He’s like listen, guys at home, I know you don't know what they're talking about. I want to talk to you. When he does stuff like that, sometimes it’s – but tonight it was very effective. I think he is going to cause Rubio problems.”
MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki: “Here we are with our panel of eight undecided Republicans, Republican leaning independents, we should say. They’re all from the tri-state region here around New York… Who in your judgment had the best night tonight?”
  • VOTER 1: “Chris Christie. I thought he had a great night. I think he showed why, again, I said in the beginning, I think governors potentially make the best presidents. I think he got to those points, made his points, and I felt he did very well this evening.”
  • VOTER 2: “I agree Christie also I think came up strong.”
  • VOTER 3: “Chris Christie showed up today. He's the guy I wanted him to be six months ago. It's like where have you been? And he finally showed up today. He's my guy.”
  • VOTER 4: “I think Chris Christie really showed himself as a leader today. We need a leadership to break away from the pack and I think Chris Christie did that.”
  • VOTER 5: “And I think Chris Christie really did show up and he's absolutely back in the game.”
Fox News’ Juan Williams: “I thought Christie was very clear.”
Fox News’ Bernie Goldberg: “I think Rubio and Christie did the best. and, just as important, I think people with low poll numbers didn't help themselves tonight.
Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly: “Christie, I think helped himself tonight, I think Christie is a terror warrior and people got that impression.”
Fox Business Network’s Trish Regan: “Chris Christie did very well tonight. He's doing very well in New Hampshire.”

Steve Schmidt: “Chris Christie has a path to win this New Hampshire primary. And if Chris Christie wins this New Hampshire primary, if he gets to go forward, he’s a formidable politician; he's a gifted communicator.”

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