Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Blogging The GOP Debate - Part 5

At halftime, here's who's winning so far: CNN (because the questions are fair and Blitzer seems to be doing a good job) and Trump, Rubio, Christie and Carson.
Cruz says he believes in "an America First foreign policy." Fair enough and he [sort of] expalins it. . . But Cruz still seems so strident at times. . . . . And now Rubio gives a crystallized and excellent explanation of why people like Asad [and other dictators] had to and have to go. . . . . Now, someone starts shouting in the audience while Trump is speaking but we don't know who it was or what he said . . . . and Trump seems to slip up by talking about if only we had spent our money on infrastructure instead of spending it on wars in the middle east . . . and Trump praises Carson as "one of the finest men" . . . . Carson: "We need to think about the needs of the American people before we try to solve everyone else's problems. . . . . Bush keeps talking about "strategy" but for him strategy just seems to be a code word for more of the same. . . . . Now Paul muddies it up by talking about "variations of evil on both sides" as he criticizes "regime change." . . . . Cruz gets out of control now and WILL NOT STOP TALKING. It's not pretty. Bad moment for Cruz. . . . . Trump: "We have to get rid of ISIS first. We can't be fighting everyone at the same time." . . . . Christie says we need to focus our attention on Iran. . . . . Kasich: "In foreign policy you have to know how to pick and choose."

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