Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Blogging The GOP Debate - Part 4

Rubio scores by slapping Cruz for voting against defense authorization acts. . . . . Cruz says it was about a part of the act that allowed the government to wrongly detain individuals. . . . . And once again, Rubio and Cruz tangle and, of course, this will only help Trump . . . . Trump's answers are quite generalized in some senses and yet he continues to touch a nerve and makes sense when he talks about "being very, very firm" on the families of terrorists. . . . But Bush doesn't seem to understand this. And now he smacks Trump again. And the two of them go at one another and it gets ugly. And Trump hits at Bush for saying those who come across our souther border "come across as an act of love." . . . Bush: "Leadership is not about attacking people and insulting people." And them Bush says this: "Donald, you cannot assault your way to the presidency." . . . . In the middle of all this the soft-spoken Dr. Carson seems somewhat out of his league.And, he says it's not "ruthless" to protect the people of this country and do [wage war] what needs to be done." . . . . Paul suggests that Trump wants to throw out the Constitution. Trump: "So, they can kill us but we can't kill them." And Trump says we should "infiltrate their Internet." Trump is not always well versed on the minutia of issues but her remains surprisingly effective by painting in broad strokes and his instincts seem good overall, remarkably good. . . . .Rubio shows a mastery of the issues and many of the details as well as a quickness and sharpness combined with a nimble mind. . . . . Now Fiorina stresses executive experience, decision making and leadership. . . . . Christie sounds a familiar and [for him] favorite theme: Dissatisfaction with Washington and those in Congress. "These people [those on the stage in Congress] act like they had nothing to do with what got us into this mess."

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