Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Blogging The GOP Debate - Part 6

Kasich: "it's time we punched the Russians in the nose."  . . . . Fiorina continues to make a lot of good points but she seems rigid. . . . . Christie: "a no-fly zone means a no-fly zone" and Christie scores with this and Cruz responds: "If you're in favor of World War III you have your candidate." . . . . . Christie can't wait to reply and he responds calmly and effectively. . . . Bush seems obsessed with Trump and attempts to smack him down again and again. With Bush it seems personal. And away they go again with attacks on the media and bickering back and forth. . . . Kasich steps into this and again starts to talk about himself. . . . . This is messy and the Democrats will use it to their full advantage -- yes, the Democrats with their bogus, old, tired, broken-down candidates. . . . . . Carson sort of ends this ugly chapter with keen observations about the difference between talking and doing.

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