Tuesday, February 27, 2018

CH Mayor: Use Armed Police To Protect Schools

Cherry Hill Mayor Chuck Cahn and Cherry Hill Township Council have called on the Board of Education to address and take action on the issue of school security. At Monday night's Council meeting, the Mayor and Council members expressed their commitment to assist the schools and see that security is increased and a comprehensive plan is implemented.

"This is an issue that requires immediate action," Mayor Chuck Cahn stated. " We stand ready and willing to partner with the Board of Education to do whatever we can to help improve security at all of Cherry Hill's schools."

Council President David Fleisher echoed the Mayor's comments. "I call on our Board of Education to take further action regarding school safety," Fleisher said. "I look forward to working with the Mayor and the members of Council to make sure the Board expeditiously continues to address this vital need. No issue is greater than the safety of our children."

Although the Board of Education ultimately makes the final decisions on school security, Cherry Hill Police Chief William Monaghan has recommended that the Board utilize armed police officers as part of any plan that is implemented.

"We are supportive of Chief Monaghan's recommendation," added Cahn.
"While we cannot predict if and when our school's security measures will be tested, as leaders, we must remain strong and united on this issue as we work together to develop ways to protect our children."

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