Friday, February 23, 2018

NOTHING Can Debunk 'The Framers' Collective Wisdom'

Our friend Matt Rooney of the Save Jersey blog writes this on Facebook:
Something I don't hear anyone else saying on television/radio/etc: 
Everyone knew Cruz was a monster. The school didn't act. The FBI didn't act. Local police visited his house 39 times. Now we know that the sheriff's department had an armed deputy present (!) who failed to act (which we only learned the morning after the Sheriff lectured the NRA and millions of legal gun owners on national TV).

Gun control? Really?? Reality check: systemic government incompetence and corruption is precisely WHY we have a Second Amendment in the first place and need it so badly. The government can't protect us. The government's failure to protect us IS the proximate cause for 17 deaths at that high school. Parkland is the ultimate argument for LIMITED government. No piece of legislation or executive order can debunk the Framers' collective wisdom on this point.

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