Thursday, February 15, 2018

What To Do About This AWFUL Situation NOW . . .

The superintendent of the Broward County schools says it's hard to identify emotionally troubled or mentally unstable kids.
The superintendent is wrong.
Any teacher will tell you that it's NOT hard to recognize such kids. Even the other kids can recognize such troubles and potentially dangerous individuals.
So, why did he say that? Well, the superintendent was covering himself. That's what superintendents usually do. 
Carole Cirucci was a teacher for 30+ years. Teachers KNOW who these kids are. 
Having acknowledged that, however, we would certainly agree that metal detectors, additional gun legislation, further controls on mentally unstable people owning guns and the use of retired police and/or military in schools must ALL be considered. That's how critical this situation is right now!
And so, let us address a special, direct message to the GOP and the NRA: The two of you need to get together pronto and agree on immediate additional legislative action in the face of this latest atrocity. Maybe some sort of assault weapon control needs to be reimposed. Maybe a longer waiting period is needed. Maybe greater background checks vis-a-vis mentally unbalanced people are necessary.
Whatever it is, the important thing is to do something and do it now!
If the two of you (the NRA and the GOP) cannot get this done and show at least some responsiveness, then this issue is probably gonna cost you Big Time. If you let this slide, we fear you will play into the hands of the radical left and they will eventually impose draconian laws and controls that will surpass anything you can imagine now.
Bottom line: Take wise, prudent, limited action now!

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