Sunday, February 18, 2018

Yes, He Is Real, And He's About His Business . . .

Here's an excerpt from a homily for today by Deacon Greg Kandra posted at a website called Aleteia. It will give you something to think about as you reflect on the events of the past week:

Satan is real. 
And he is relentless. 
We see his handiwork. 
It is everywhere. 
Satan is inaction. He is civic leaders who watch these tragedies unfold again and again and again and vow to do something—and don’t. 
Satan is distraction. He is a media culture obsessed with violence and gossip—but which pays far less attention to the troubled pleadings of a teenager on YouTube. 
Satan is the ignorance and self-indulgence of our age. 
And Satan is absence. The absence of faith. The absence of responsibility. The absence of empathy. He is the voice that whispers, “Someone else will solve it. It’s not your problem. Move on. Forget it. ” 
This Lent, don’t just forget it. 
This Lent, remember. 
We need to remember this. 
To reflect. 
To repent.

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