Sunday, February 11, 2018

THE Most Overrated Actors EVER . . . .

Who are the 10 most overrated actors and actresses of all time?
You might be surprised at who's been chosen.
Some of Hollywoods very biggest names are on the list -- some of the biggest box office draws. In fact, the compiler of the latest list says you have to be considered a great actor or actress to make the cut.
Now, remember -- the argument here is that these are not necessarily bad actors, but they are overrated -- there is a difference.
Here's the list (from least overrated to most overrated) as compiled quite some time ago by Breitbart's Hollywood page. I've placed an asterisk next to the ones I agree with:
10. George Clooney*
9. Dustin Hoffman*
8. Spencer Tracy
7. Katherine Hepburn
6. Gregory Peck
5. Leonardo DiCaprio
4. Bill Murray
3. Tom Hanks
2. Meryl Streep*
1. Jack Nicholson
Well, as you can see this is a very arbitrary list. And while I agree with the rating of Clooney and two others, I'm not sure I agree with the rest. I might adde people like Alec Baldwin to the list. He's not only overrated but overexposed.
I think the criteria here is this: Just because you're a Big Star and/or a Mammoth Personality, that does not necessary make you a great actor. By this standard, great actors would include only super serious actors of screen and stage in the tradition of Helen Hayes and Laurence Olivier. These are acTORS. They are arTEESTS.
To be sure, I've never been a huge fan of Tracy (without Hepburn) or Gregory Peck. But I don't think they were bad actors. And I totally disagree with the dismissal of Leo DiCaprio.
But that's what makes horse races.

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