Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Legendary Mummer's Sendoff Will Touch Your Heart!

We begin every year on this blog with photos of some of the most joyous, wonderful people on earth -- the Philadelphia Mummers!
Their parade is a spectacle of color, music and contagious cheer shared with thousands. It is the essence of Philadelphia in the best sense of the word.
If the Mummers have your back, you know you've got real friends.
Such was the case for Bob Shannon, the beloved captain of the Quaker City String Band who passed away recently.
The pure South Philly sendoff that his string band buddies gave Bob Shannon is the kind of farewell some of us can only dream about.
The Mummers are indeed one of the last bastions of authenticity left in an often fraudulent, cheap and tawdry world. God bless em!
H/T: Joanne Calabria, Nick Zammer, PMSBA

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