Monday, March 18, 2019

What Stresses Millennials? Have A Good Laugh!

According to a recent severe (and this is no joke) here are the top 20 most stressful scenarios reported by millennials:

1. Losing wallet/credit card
2. Arguing with partner
3. Commute/traffic delays
4. Losing phone
5. Arriving late to work
6. Slow WiFi
7. Phone battery dying
8. Forgetting passwords
9. Credit card fraud
10. Forgetting phone charger
11. Losing/misplacing keys
12. Paying bills
13. Job interviews
14. Phone screen breaking
15. Credit card bills
16. Check engine light coming on
17. School loan payments
18. Job security
19. Choosing what to wear
20. Washing dishes

Here are some of the things that stressed me out when I was the age of a millennial:

1. Getting drafted and sent to Vietnam.
2. Unending war.
3. Assassinations and riots.
4. Graduating college.
5. Finding a job.
6. Keeping a job.
7. Paying off loans.
8. Making marriage work (I married at 24).
9. Starting a family.
10. The energy crisis -- odd and even numbered gas days.

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