Monday, March 25, 2019

NO COLLUSION! Now, The Nest Steps . . .

A special message from

500 witnesses. 2,800 subpoenas. 

19 lawyers. 40 FBI agents. 

Tens of millions of dollars... 

Robert Mueller is finally done. The Special Counsel completed his investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election -- and possible collusion by anyone connected to the Trump campaign. He submitted his final report to the Department of Justice on Friday, and the Attorney General has now released a summary of his findings. 

The verdict: No evidence of collusion. No conspiracy. 

President Trump vindicated 100%. 

The predictable hand-wringing is now underway. Mainstream media pundits look sillier than ever. Network partisans, exposed for their lack of objectivity and partisanship, are now grasping for any plausible case to continue the charade. Meanwhile, Democratic leaders, some of whom repeatedly claimed evidence of collusion, are hoping to change the subject. 

The Catholic Left likewise is shamelessly desperate for a new angle. Don’t forget Trump is racist and bigoted! He’s evil and callous, because he’s unwilling to spend recklessly on social programs. This despite record government expenditures on nearly every social program imaginable, despite record low unemployment, rising wages, and a booming economy. 

OUR TAKE: Back in 2017 when Special Counsel Mueller was first appointed, I wrote this to you: 
The appointment of Robert Mueller now allows a widely respected former FBI Director to carry out a fair and responsible investigation without the hysterics we’ve seen the past few days. If there is evidence of criminal activity, obstruction of justice, or collusion with Russia, then the facts will eventually emerge -- and appropriate action should be taken. Until then... we must resist calls to bring the government to a halt over speculation and anonymous leaks. Talk of impeachment at this juncture is simply reckless. The public deserves facts, not partisan hit jobs.

The facts are now in. Neither the President nor any of his family or campaign officials colluded with the Russian government. Too bad voters weren’t provided this conclusion prior to the 2018 elections. 

But there’s more... 

Have you noticed the pattern? 

Brett Kavanaugh ‘organized’ gang rape parties. Nick Sandmann ‘surrounded’ and ‘mocked’ an innocent native American veteran. President Trump ‘orchestrated’ Russian hacking of the Democratic Party’s emails before helping Vladimir Putin steal the election from Hillary Clinton! 

From the crimes of Planned Parenthood caught on camera, to the shameless hoaxes used to frame conservatives as violent bigots, the narrative is the same. Truth be damned, conservatives are bad. Catholics, evil. Pro-life Americans are sexist haters of women. The media happily fuels the outrage, padding their pockets with profits derived from phony stories or outright lies, driving ratings and web clicks. 


Ask yourself this question: is this normal? Politics as usual? Are these regular lies, gamesmanship, and phony stories just part and parcel of how a republic is designed to work? 

The answer is no! 

A corrupt political class, fueled by a corrupt media, is tearing our country apart. 

DON’T FORGET: How did we get here? Remember the FBI claimed they had evidence that Trump officials were conspiring with Russia. Only the evidence turned out to be a phony dossier paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign! Under this pretense, the Obama administration wiretapped Trump campaign phones, and planted the seeds for claims of collusion that we now know are without any merit. 

If Republicans care about real justice, then a new investigation into the Obama administration and the FBI must be authorized immediately. 

Meanwhile, Democratic Congressional leaders who claimed that they had evidence of collusion must resign. They repeatedly lied and fomented the public for rank political opportunism. They must go. 

Finally, we have a message on behalf of Catholics across America for anyone in Washington D.C. with the responsibility or authority for pursuing the truth: 

Pursue anyone and everyone responsible. The Obama Administration. The FBI. Everyone. 

Don’t hold back anything. Release everything. 

Don’t stop. 

And the sooner the better. 

Brian Birch, President,

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