Monday, August 19, 2019

Cherry Hill Schools 'Tunagate' Fiasco Drags On!

The Cherry Hill (NJ) school system has gotten itself into one helluva mess over students (translation: parents) who are more than $10 behind in their lunch payments. They propose to give those students tuna fish sandwiches for lunch. And, as for those who fall $20 or more behind: "No lunch for YOU!"
It sorta reminds one of the notorious Soup Nazi on Seinfeld.
But this is no sitcom. This is real.
The Cherry Hill Schools have a habit of stumbling into public relations imbroglios -- PR blunders of their own making. Last year they totally blew a school bond issue by loading it down with apparent pork barrel expenditures, maintaining the appearance on unwarranted secrecy and then seeming to blow off very legitimate parental concerns about school security.
Something that should have been relatively simple totally unravelled to the point where th Mayor of Cherry Hill had to step in and reassure everyone that the schools would be safe and patrolled by the local police. Even at that, the bond issue was defeated handily and maverick candidates were elected to the school board. This time around, the President of City Council spoke up and chastised the schools on the utter stupidity of the tuna/no lunch proposal.
But, get this: there seems to be no learning curve at the top of the school district!
You have to wonder who's running the school system and where they're getting their PR advice, if at all. The whole thing has become a sort of running joke!
Anyway, our friend and local gadfly Rick Short has weighed in on all this. Here's what he has to say, with a little help from Philly radio talker Dom Giordano:

From Rick Short:
7min edited
Dom Giordano Radio Show on the CH $14.000 Collection problem & Tunafish Crisis.
The show called our CH lunch plan EVIL.
The Hilarious Radio Show Parts are at 1min 40sec and 3min 15 sec. It’s my Shark-tank moment gone bad it was hilarious at the School Board Meeting. 4min 55sec again more comedy .... A hilarious radio show that makes CH look like idiots 
Folks our Town Council President has called the school food DRAFT POLICY (( RIDICULOUS ))
Why are we going to have a BOE meeting so 4 TV media stations can broadcast this RIDICULOUS IDEA again?
Email or Call the School district on Monday and tell them to postpone anymore discussions on this ridiculous tunafish policy. Having more meetings is a media disaster to our reputation. We should be still talking about our National Spelling Bee Champ not how to collect $14,000 in unpaid lunch bills across the Delaware Valley and America .

Please encourage the schools to shut down this 3% problem & $14,000 collection problem that doesn’t need to be broadcasted again and again in the Delaware Valley and across America because the district wants to keep up the headlines.

Also VOTE good people to prevent these ridiculous problems from publicly occurring again. VOTE TEAM ACTS for school board and VOTE Nancy O for CH Mayor on 11/5/19.

Stop the running CH Tunafish Jokes !! Its going beyond RIDICULOUS now.

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