Friday, August 30, 2019

Is It True? Are We Now Lonelier Than Ever?

From a provocative piece in This Week magazine called The Crisis of American Loneliness. A relatively short piece but one with lots to think about:
In addition to having done almost everything we can to make raising a family unaffordable in this country, we have tried our very hardest to make the prospect seem horrifying, especially for expectant mothers. No coffee, we tell pregnant women, and no tea; no wine or beer, no cured meats — no anything. Don't move much either. Sit around like a lump for 10 months. When you're done you can dump the kid in daycare or sit around the house talking to yourself. With any luck, in 10 years you'll get to spend every weekend of your life paying thousands of dollars for her to play soccer against the children of other professionals in an expensive travel league.
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