Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Be Sure Of It, They Really ARE Worried!

Why Dems are so Worried After Latest Round of Impeachment Hearings

“With signs that Americans are tuning out the impeachment hearings, the clock is ticking on Democrats’ chance to make their case. Pelosi is clearly worried, telling fellow Dems it’s a ‘weak response’ to ‘let the election decide’ whether President Trump should be removed,” Michael Goodwin writes in the New York Post.

The letter seemed strange on Monday when Pelosi sent it to her colleagues, the editors write, “but Tuesday’s hearing more than justified her fear and desperation.”

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“While Democrats have spent the last three years practicing the politics of personal destruction, President Trump has been delivering results for the American people. Nearly 7 million jobs created. The lowest unemployment rate in 50 years. Transformative tax cuts for hardworking American families. More than 150 conservative judges confirmed”—and the list goes on, Sen. Thom Tillis (R-NC) writes in Fox News
“People are still waiting for Democrats to deliver on their impeachment ‘scandal.’ In week two of the impeachment investigation, the case is firmly closed — Democrats are trying to impeach President Trump for merely doing his job,” Jenna Ellis writes in the Washington Examinerlisting three big things we learned from the hearings. 
President Trump today “will tour Austin’s Apple manufacturing facility with the company’s CEO Tim Cook. On the campaign trail in 2016, Trump said, ‘I’m going to bring jobs back. I’m going to get Apple to start making their computers and their iPhones on our land, not in China.’” Now, after trade reform and business tax cuts, Apple has begun making more products here in America, Phil Prazan reports for KXAN.

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