Wednesday, November 6, 2019

How Big Was It? Big Enough To Shake Things Up!

Last night was HUGE for New Jersey Republicans -- Together, we fended off the Democrats' quest for a supermajority in the Assembly, we flipped the 1st District and picked up a State Senate seat and 2 Assembly seats. 

Even now, we have the opportunity to pick up 2 more Assembly seats in the 2nd District. It all comes down to mail-in and provisional ballots. Will you rush a donation to the NJGOP Victory Defense Fund to ensure a fair count?
We have been building to these victories for two years; training our grassroots activists on the latest and greatest voter contact technology and pushing back against the mainstream media to take back the Republican brand. Our message is resonating with voters and the tides are shifting in New Jersey.

We fought hard in the Second District and our Victory Defense Fund is our last chance to ensure all votes are counted and counted fairly. 
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Regardless of what happens over the next few days, we can be proud of the statement we made yesterday.

We sent a message, loud and clear, to the Governor and the Democrats during these Murphy Midterms: We're coming for you in 2021 Governor Murphy. Period. Full Stop.

- Team NJGOP

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