Sunday, November 3, 2019

Here's How To End This Time Changing Mess . . .

Did you turn your clocks back one hour last night?
You had to. You had no choice.
That's because the government has been playing around with daylight savings time as long as we can remember.
So we're "falling back'' now and we're doing it a bit later than we did quite a few years ago.
Still, we've not quite been able to institute daylight savings time year-round because of complaints from school parents about dark early-morning bus rides and some complaints from farmers.
So, we'll be changing the time again in the spring.
This also means you have to reset most of those pesky digital clocks on various devices all over your house. And though you gain an hour of sleep now, you'll lose it again in the spring.
It's been estimated that this time-changing madness costs about $434 million per year.
Hey, I love DST and wish we could have it all year round - which makes this ritual even more of a nuisance.
This is what happens when you let the federal government mess around with the time.
I have a solution for this twice-a-year time madness: Let's set the clocks ahead (or behind) one-half-hour and leave them there. Do it once (let's say ahead one-half-hour this spring) and never change the clocks again.
It's a permanent compromise. In the fall, leave the clocks where they are.
The following spring, no change.
That oughta do it, right?

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