Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Affair

Up until this point I've not commented on the John Edwards affair.
Sure, the story of the affair has been circulating for weeks if not months. But, it had not moved into the mainstream media. And Edwards continued to deny it.
Furthermore, I hoped it wasn't true. And, I did not want to be accused of contributing to "the politics of personal destruction."
I said I "hoped it wasn't true." But I suspected all along that it was true.
Why? Because I had an instinctive feeling about Edwards right from the start and it was not good. I've always felt he was a fast talker, a charlatan. And, he's always seemed way too ambitious and just a bit too fond of himself. That's usually a sign of insecurity.
Insecure people do not make good leaders. And they are often unstable.
Now, Edwards has admitted that he was "narcissistic and self-centered." Translation: His insecurity led him out of balance, out of touch. So, as he gained the spotlight he felt irresistible, super-powered, almost invincible. He thought he could do anything, say anything, get away with anything because he lost touch with reality.
So now he has fallen.
It's not a pretty sight, especially when it's played out in public.
Delusions lead to secrets and lies.
The first rule of public relations is "tell the truth." That's the first rule. Everything else flows from that. If you're in the public eye, you've got to tell the truth. If you don't know the answer to a question, you say you don't know. If you do know the answer but you can't say it, you say that you can't answer the question just now and (if possible) you say why you can't answer.
But don't lie. Don't lie.
In today's media saturated age, there are no secrets anymore. You will be found out.
Don't lie.

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