Wednesday, August 13, 2008

'Bottle Shock' Rocks!

Anybody who thinks that Americans cannot solve the problems that we face today; anybody who feels that America is past its prime; anybody who believes that the sun is setting on American drive, American ingenuity or American supremacy should rush out to see the new movie Bottle Shock.
Bottle Shock is an All-American celebration of the honest, determined, can-do spirit of ordinary Americans. It's a testament to our natural competitiveness and our relentless will to win, win, win.
It's uplifting without being saccharine, optimistic without being giddy.
Bottle Shock has been called "Rocky for wine lovers." But you don't have to be a wine lover or a wine drinker to love this movie. You need only have a heart.
The focal point of this movie is a 1976 blind wine tasting in which California wines competed against their French counterparts (the tasting was repeated in 2006 on the 30th anniversary of the original competition). This is a true story.
From the Rolling Stone review of the movie:
It's a winner. And not just for oenophiles. Director Randall Miller, who co-wrote the script with his wife Jody Savin, keeps the plot brimming with spirit and wit. . . .
The resemblance to the indie smash Sideways is purely in the grapes. Miller is spinning delightfully on the true story that put Napa on the wine map. . . .
"Wine is sunlight held together by water," said Galileo, and Miller makes that feeling palpable. His movie, gorgeously shot by cinematographer Michael J. Ozier, catches the dappled beauty of Napa. But Miller triumphs by finding the soul of the rebels who tend its grapes. Bottle Shock is something special: there's magic in it.

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