Friday, August 29, 2008


Did you notice New Jersey at the Dem convention?
Of course you didn't.
Joisey delegates sat in the rafters. Their seating in the convention hall was abysmal.
No Joisey speakers were showcased. None.
And Obama hasn't stepped foot in Joisey in ages. He doesn't have to.
Here's the dirty little secret, New Jersey: The Democrat Party doesn't give a damn about you. They long ago assumed they have you in their hip pocket. You're the easy date they can always have, the quick touch, the "get lucky" night (or afternoon delight) they can always count on.
It doesn't matter how they use you, how they abuse or debase you, how much they lie to you or how much they fleece you -- you'll always come back for more. And the Democrats know it.
So don't look for spotlight speakers, prominent roles, special favors or good seats up front, Joisey. To the Democrats you are and always will be strictly backstreet and backdoor.

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