Friday, August 8, 2008

Call Me Chairmaker

On Wednesday we journeyed to the Delaware Art Museum in Wilmington where we enjoyed a delightful exhibition by artist and craftsman Garry Knox Bennett.
Entitled "Call Me Chairmaker" the exhibition features 52 one-of-a-kind sculptural chairs that reflect the artist's fascinating imagination and keen wit. Bennett's ladderback chair is pictured.
Bennett draws his inspiration from well-known furniture designers and architects such as Gerrit Rietveld and Frank Lloyd Wright, leading to unique creations such as chairs titled Great Granny Rietveld and Wiggle Wright. He reinterprets classic design and has fun while doing it.
“To understand my art, a viewer has to understand jokes,” says Bennett. “Good jokes build piece by piece, the little fact that is dropped into the story line, the accumulation of illogical data that flip-flops logic until the unexpected is understood with a joyful rush of logic and justice.”
But Bennett's artistry is no joke. He's super-talented.
You have to see these chairs in person to truly appreciate what Bennet has accomplished.
BTW: The video that accompanies the show is great.
The exhibition continues through September 21. Hurry!

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