Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Bobby To Keynote?

The hot rumor today is that Louisianna Governor Bobby Jindal will keynote the GOP convention set for September 1 - 4 in the Twin Cities.
As noted here before, Bobby is the future of the Republican Party.
And he may very well be the future of America.
Bobby's got the goods to do the job. He can electrify the convention. If I were a Democrat, the thought of Bobby emerging as a major GOP force would keep me up at nights.


K.O. Myers said...

The future of the GOP is a former biology student who panders to creationists. That should keep anyone up at night.

Anonymous said...

Bobby Jindal is a religious uber-Catholic freakazoid who believes that an exorcism cured a friend's skin cancer. We should all fear if he's "the future of America," and the thought of a medieval theocracy under a Jindal administration should keep ALL Americans up at night.