Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hill To Resucue?

As the OH!man's stock continues to fall many people feel he will need a surprising, powerful fix to get his halting campaign back on track.
And that has seasoned observers focusing on one possible savior: Hillary.
Could the deal already be cut to put Hillary on the ticket? Or is it now in the works? Could we see this type of last-minute, dramatic shift to save the man and the party?
Stranger things have happened. And this wouldn't be the first time that two old rivals teamed up to make history: Kennedy/Johnson, Reagan/Bush.
But would Hillary do it? Would Bill go along with it? Could Obama himself face the prospect of sharing power with Billary & Co? Could Michelle accept it all?
Ralph Nader says he thinks the Vice Presidential nominee will be Hillary. But Nader also says he may also wake up with egg on his face.
And since Hillary will be nominated (and her votes will be tallied) at the convention, she may actually still be holding out for the top prize hoping that increasing concern about Obama will give super delegates cold feet.
But then again one way to halt that would be to choose Hillary as Veep.
One thing seems clear: Obama needs to do something soon. And now there really is no margin for error.
Stay tuned.

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