Monday, November 3, 2008

Defend Her Forever!

At the sincere request of those who produced this piece and at the request of many other like-minded bloggers we are posting this video without further comment.

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Radu Gherman said...

What a glorious 2:30, ruined by the last minute.
Where was the outrage in 2001 when that asshole stood on the flag? Why now?
And why attack a US Senator, and ask him to stand up for you, to validate a political point? Where's the outrage at all of Chicago?
Why use the sacrifice of the military; why use the picture of the boy that lost a parent; why use the flag we served under to lift up my spirit, and then to let it down by dragging it into political bullshit?
If you respect the flag, salute it; stand in silence as it passes; reflect on what it means. No soldier I have stood with, no child I have seen has ever watched Old Glory pass and thought of Bill Ayers.
So to the people who created it: thank you for the 2:30, because it touched me, as it did when I first swore my pledge to protect it. And up yours for the last minute, for using it to score a point that has a shelf life of 1 day.