Sunday, November 16, 2008

Winning 'Audition'

I'm not very far into Barbara Walters' big autobiography, Audition but I can already report to you that it is one of the most astonishing reads I've ever encountered.
If you haven't gotten your hands on this book, don't delay.
Audition is an incredible story - a story that you will hardly believe.
But it certainly has the ring of truth on page after page after page. And it most assuredly is a page turner. You will find yourself engrossed as the chapters roll along.
I rarely talk about a book before I've finished reading it and I almost never post anything here about a book until then.
But this is no ordinary bio.
This is obviously the story - the whole story - that Barbara has been saving all these years.
The back cover of the book shows Barbara taking a bow, apparently at the Emmy Awards.
She takes a bow in this book as well. But it's not the usual, quick, cosmetic bow of a performer. It's an honest, open and complete bow with everything right out there; everything laid on the line. It's a bow in the name of endurance.
This is gutsy, real, compelling. Don't miss it!
BTW: Barbara Walter's birth year is variously listed as 1929 or 1931. In her book, the exact year of her birth is one of the things she does not reveal. Sorry!

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